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Common Orthodontic Problems

Spacing and crowding - Teeth may be too big, too small, too far apart or too close together which can result in poor alignment.

Openbite - This is where back teeth bite together but front teeth don't, so there is a gap between top and bottom teeth. It creates difficulty with eating, biting, chewing and speech.

Overbite/deepbite - This is where the upper jaw bites down too far over the lower jaw and may bite into the lower gum. Lower teeth can bite up into the gum behind the upper teeth.

Crossbite - Upper teeth should fit outside lower teeth like a lid on a box. If the upper jaw is too narrow, the lower jaw usually swings to one side to allow the back teeth to mesh.

Underbite - This is much less common but occurs when the lower jaw outgrows the upper jaw. When biting together, upper front teeth sit in behind lower teeth.

Overjet - Overjet occurs when the upper jaw grows too much and sticks out, or the lower jaw does not grow enough.

Abnormal erruption – Abnormal eruption occurs when teeth develop in the wrong area of the jaw/gum.