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At Norwest Orthodontics, we believe that orthodontic treatment for each individual patient requires a specific and customized treatment plan as well as customized appliances. The Elemetrix system technologies are state-of-the-art, allowing us to plan and customize our patients’ treatment to an extent that has not been possible previously. This allows faster, more comfortable and aesthetic treatment outcomes.

Utilising the latest generation of compact intra-oral scanners, within minutes our highly qualified Oral Health Therapists are able to capture an extremely accurate digital replica of any person’s teeth. Dr. Shimanto Purkayastha uses this data to customise bracket placement which is then transferred to 3D printed trays. This innovative method of appliance design allows optimal bracket positioning and end of treatment tooth position to provide the best possible function and aesthetics

For you this means:

  •   Less chair time

  •   Customized treatment

  •   A more comfortable in-chair experience

  •   Excellent results

iTero digital imaging. We use state-of-the-art technology

Dr Shimanto Purkayastha prescribes your customised braces according to your teeth. We use a sophisticated iTero imaging system to scan your teeth rather than using outdated impressions processes that can sometimes cause patients to gag. With the iTero scanning system, patients can avoid the traumatic and stressful impression-taking procedures that can occur with traditional methods, which causes much discomfort and unpleasant gag reflex.

iTero offers precision imaging that enhances accuracy and improves the final outcome without the mess. Where traditional impressions can bubble, tear or distort, iTero eliminates these physical flaws. You can feel confident knowing that your Invisalign treatment designed by Norwest Orthodontics will be built with accuracy to comfortably and precisely fit your teeth for incredible results.

Based on proven suresmile® digital technology, elemetrix will change the way you approach aligner design, indirect bonding and diagnostics.

  1. Aligner Design: Not only is elemetrix aligner design fully adjustable—allowing you to customize aligners as needed throughout each case—it consistently delivers outstanding value. Elemetrix aligner design can be used for cases requiring moderate tooth movement, including:

    • Aligner-only treatment.

    • Aligner treatment in conjunction with braces, either to start or finish cases.

    • Clear retainers at the end of treatment with braces—the scan can be performed before removal of braces, eliminating an office visit and becoming the start of a practice retention program.

    • Access to all elemetrix diagnostic tools.

    • Outstanding value, saving you hundreds of dollars on most cases.

  2. Indirect Bonding: Elemetrix IDB provides 3D automation for rapid digital evaluation and adjustment of bracket placement. Placement can be achieved with the accuracy of a jig, but with the chairside efficiency of a tray. Precision occlusal fit and a compact design deliver confident placement while improving patient comfort. Elemetrix IDB can be choosen for:

    • Rapid & comfortable bracket placement.

    • Completely adjustable bracket & tooth position.

    • Simulations of projected tooth movement.

    • Control over tray segmentation design.

    • Access to all elemetrix diagnostic tools.

    • Direct access to brackets during bonding for ease of flash removal.

    • Bracket library continues to expand.

  3. Advanced Diagnostics: The elemetrix diagnostics model tool set includes a powerful array of treatment planning features. These include 3D viewing tools that provide 6 standard views with the ability to manipulate the model from any angle, automated analytics (Bolton, arch width), and quality grading tools. Elemetrix diagnostics gives:

    • Unlimited treatment simulations to evaluate options, such as space closure vs. restorations and extraction vs. non-extraction.

    • The ability to present the best course of treatment to patients, parents and referring doctors.

    • Automated analytics (Bolton, arch width) and quality grading tools.

    • The ability to create treatment simulations for surgical, restorative and extraction cases.