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Orthodontics for Children

An investment that provides lifetime benefits.

Orthodontic treatment may eliminate your need for other medical and dental treatment. The physical and psychological benefits usually last a lifetime, making orthodontics one of the best investments in healthcare and quality of life!

When most people think of orthodontics, they think of teenagers. While statistics suggest that most orthodontic treatment begins between the ages of 9 and 14. By the age of 7, most children have a mix of baby and adult teeth. Orthodontists can spot subtle problems with jaw growth and emerging teeth while some baby teeth are still present. This is important because some orthodontic problems are easier to correct if they are found early. Early orthodontic treatment aims to correct bite problems such as an overbite or underbite as well as guide the jaws’ growth pattern. It also helps to make room in the mouth for the permanent teeth to be properly placed as they come in. This can greatly reduce the risk of a child needing complicated future treatment which may involve extractions or surgery later on in life.

The Australian Society of Orthodontics (ASO) recommends that your child should get a check-up with a specialist orthodontist at the first recognition of an orthodontic problem as early as the age of 7.

Is Treatment Guaranteed?

Even if an orthodontic problem is detected in children, our orthodontist may not recommend immediate treatment. While, in some other cases Dr Shimanto Purkayastha might find a problem that can benefit from early treatment. Committing to early treatment may prevent more serious problems from developing and may make treatment at a later age shorter and less complicated for your child.

We can determine whether your child is suitable for early orthodontic treatment at their first visit. Please contact Norwest Orthodontics on 02 9672 6113 to book an initial consultation to assess your child's teeth so Dr Shimanto Purkayastha can recommend the ideal approach.

Benefits of Orthodontics for Children

  • Improve the smile

  • Improve self-confidence

  • Influence growth of the jaws in a positive manner

  • Improve width of the dental jaws

  • Reduce or eliminate the need to extract permanent teeth

  • Reduce or eliminate the need for jaw or facial surgery

  • Lower the risk of injury to protruded front teeth

  • Correct harmful oral habits

  • Reduce appearance consciousness during critical developmental years

  • Simplify and shorten treatment time for full braces

  • Increase stability of final treatment results

  • Reduce likelihood of impacted permanent teeth

  • Improve speech development

  • Improve chewing and swallowing

  • Guide permanent teeth into more favourable positions

  • Improve lip closure

  • Preserve or gain space for erupting permanent teeth

  • Reduce potential damage and strain to muscle/jaw joints

  • Ability to keep teeth clean better  

  • Guide facial growth for a more attractive profile

  • Aid in optimizing other dental treatment